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Advantages of Choosing Collaborative Law

There are a few distinct advantages to choosing collaborative law in resolving a divorce and related concerns. In addition to the cost and time-saving measures, collaborative divorce tends to lessen the adversarial nature of a divorce. Our firm has found that the parties involved in collaborative divorce situation tend to demonstrate a certain level of respect for one another.

Collaborative law also is a popular approach for parents who wish to shield children from the legal battles often associated with traditional divorce. This court-free approach can minimize conflict, allowing you both to focus on putting your children’s needs first.

Teamwork is an overriding theme in collaborative law. Spouses work together to forge solutions that are fair, balanced, and healthy for everyone involved. There is no effort to dominate the other person or win at all costs: This is a group effort to find reasonable and positive solutions.

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Alexander Law PC recognizes that there are emotional and legal issues involved in divorce. We will guide you through the collaborative law process in an effort to answer each and every question, from “What is collaborative law” to “How can I protect my children from conflict?

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