Wevorce: Flat Fee Holistic Mediation Services


Alexander Law PC is proud to announce as of December 2014 its association with Wevorce.  Wevorce is the premiere startup fusing technology and alternative. They use dispute resolution to help to couples divorcing achieve an amicable transition with sustainable agreements. Tonya Alexander is excited to become Washington County, Oregon’s first trained Wevorce associate.

First of all we where founded by Michelle Crosby and Jeff Reynolds. Wevorce fuses elements of collaborative law, mediation, and technology. Designed to create an entirely new method of how couples transition from married to single life.  Secondly The five step holistic Wevorce method addresses every element of divorce–legal, financial, and emotional. It gives couples a complete team of professionals. This is done to help them with the most difficult life process besides the death of a loved one. Lastly from developing parenting plans that work to settling financial problems plaguing parties, Wevorce shows families how to “do divorce differently.”

Most noteworthy Wevorce has gained international attention and acclaim, with nods from outlets such as BBC, Good Morning America, Forbes, the New York Times, and Fox Business. Alexander Law, PC is excited to offer this new method of alternative dispute resolution to families in Beaverton and the greater Portland area.

Best of all, initial Wevorce consultations are free. Families contemplating divorce or separation have literally nothing to lose by learning about the Wevorce method from a Wevorce associate.

There’s a better way to do divorce, and we’re proud to help.

Five steps to a better divorce.

Wevorce’s five-step process ensures kids come first, costs remain affordable and everyone stays out of court. It’s a whole new way of approaching divorce.


High-tech, high-touch.

Wevorce couples and mediators use a high-tech proprietary software platform. Designed to communicate, gather information, and draft and store divorce documents, so that couples and mediators can remain high-touch, personal, and customized while meeting the needs of each couple. As a result Mediations can happen in-person or virtually, depending on what works best for each couple.

Document preparation.

Each couple leaves Wevorce with all of the paperwork they will need to accomplish a complete divorce, which they can either file on their own or with the help of their Wevorce Lead Architect. While that paperwork represents their agreed-upon plan, which they control and negotiates from beginning to end, without the “system” getting in the way.

Flat-fee pricing.

Our pricing is very straightforward. Since each couple agrees on a plan and a price at an initial consultation with the Lead Architect, no surprises, no endless billable hours, no bait-and-switch. Prices vary depending on the complexity of a couple’s assets, whether they have children, and where they are located. , So you know exactly what you’re paying for each invoice is itemized.

Expert team.

While couples receive support from an experienced professional. Then engaging with you to guide you every step of the way. Parenting experts, counselors, financial planners, family law practitioners, and Family Architects who serve with compassion and skill let you know that you are never alone in the process and ensure that you are getting the best information and guidance possible.


Mary’s Wevorce Story from Wevorce on Vimeo.

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