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Mediation and Virtual Mediation

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The premise of mediation is simple: A neutral person assisting two or more parties in resolving a conflict or reaching an agreement.

Tonya’s mediation services include a range of services. Her services range from a basic “kitchen table” divorce (where only 1-2 sessions are needed) to Co-Mediation with other professionals. That includes child specialists, CPAs, and mental health professionals.  Also optional is utilizing Wevorce’s proprietary software and mediation framework if families prefer a flat-fee, holistic mediation process.  At the first session, we can help adapt the mediation process to each family’s needs and budget.

Tonya is happy to work with clients directly or facilitate mediations and settlement conferences with attorneys present.  We have two large conference rooms with an extra office for caucusing. To help accommodate needs we offer a large video screen. Additionally for presentations we have software to model financial scenarios if requested by clients or attorneys.

Tonya has a license to practice as attorney in Oregon. She can prepare any legal documents, such as the divorce judgment, and file it as mediator.  This can save both clients a substantial amount in legal fees and streamline the process for families.

Please note that there is currently no licensing requirement or insurance requirement of mediators in the state of Oregon.  Thus, when you are interviewing or selecting a mediator, it is very important to inquire about malpractice insurance, trainings, credentials, and experience.